A beautiful and well-functioning app is great, but it is also important that the app is downloaded and used a lot. In addition to nice promotion of the app on your website and social media accounts, it is important that your app is easy to find. For this purpose, we have listed some tips and tricks for app store optimisation.


If you have an expert in house, it is advisable to do a keyword research. If this is not the case, try to find out yourself what words you want your event to be found on. Then use these words as keywords.

Android & iOS

We have listed some tips that apply to both iOS and Android, but also some platform-specific tips. Below are the first tips that apply to both platforms.

App name and app title

When filling in your app name, we advise to also add the name of your (next) event in it. It is likely that you will score better for this keyword in the results if the word appears in the title.

An example: ‘App name - Event name.’


Reviews are a very important part of app store optimisation. It is therefore good to ask for a review at the right time and try to respond to the reviews, whether it is positive or negative.


Perhaps we don't need to mention it, but the number of downloads affects the ranking. The more downloads in a given time, the better. This has to do with popularity. And popular apps are preferred. Therefore, try to promote the app as much as possible via your social channels, website and during the event.